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TicInsect manufactures insect-derived sustainable animal feed ingredients.
These products are substitutes for animal-derived protein meals and fats, including the ones derived from fish.
TicInsect’s innovative production process involves using unsold and slightly spoiled food - which we collect from local partners - as substrate to efficiently rear Hermetia Illucens larvae in a large scale. Mature larvae are washed, frozen and then dried, before being pressed to separate of the proteinous and lipidic fraction. In this way we obtain insect meal and lipids, perfect ingredients for pet food and fish feed.
These products have a higher digestibility and palatability compared to traditional feed ingredients. Moreover, the environmental impact is minimal!
Furthermore, one byproduct of the aforementioned process is organic soil amendment that can be used in agriculture.


Elisa Filippi

Elisa Filippi is an agronomy and engineering graduate, and a forward thinking MBA with a proven record in providing a 360 degree advisory service to start up companies.
As TicInsect Co Founder, she holds the position of General Manager.

Elena Bittante

Elena Bittante has worked as Finance Manager at SPCG SA, as Business Development Manager at the startup of BUONGIORNO ! DoCoMo, and as Management  Consultant at McKinsey.

About Us

TicInsect is a company that aims to contribute to solve two problems: the need of sustainable protein sources and the reduction of food waste.

We have a burgeoning global population with 5 billion people entering the global middle class and so increasing the demand for animal meat; however, 70% of all arable land and 1/3 of all fish caught are already destined for forage to feed animals, which also produce 18% of greenhouse gas emissions. With this clearly unsustainable system soon one planet will not suffice.

At the same time, more than 40% of all food produced is wasted, a staggering 1.3 Bn tonnes/year; most of this waste happens during production/transformation, before reaching the tables. Switzerland has the highest per-capita food waste ratio in Europe, 300 kg/year.

By redirecting waste and surplus food that cannot be used for human consumption to produce feed ingredients, TicInsect reduces atmospheric and geological pollution, while restoring sustainability in the global nutrition system.