A natural recycler

Through the process of bio-conversion we want to optimize the supply chain in Switzerland, and at the same time produce locally raw material with high biological value for the livestock and bioenergetic supply chains increasing the efficiency of the waste management chain and generating CO2 saving.

Our supply chain is a circular process, designed to recycle every element of each food production phase

The Black Soldier Fly, technically called Hermetia Illucens, has the fastest metabolism
in nature and the shortest life. Therefore, it is the ideal type of insect who can
consume and reduce massive quantities of food in little time and little space. 

Our insects, which have perfect enzymatic system and nutritional values, are the ultimate way to convert the waste biomass into three different products. Feed resources that fully substitute soy and fish powders. Oil that can be extracted separately, returning a product with  physical-chemical and thermal performance which is comparable to oils such as traditional fuel. Frass which is a substitute of chemical fertilizers like nitrogen and has high value in organic industry.

We just give them what they would naturally eat


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