Our mission is to reduce the impact of food waste on the environment by convert it in a resource with many uses and implement a circular production process with zero waste and CO2 emotion close to zero.

The wasted food in all the supply chain, from production to consumption can have a hidden potential to develop new resources and products. With this vision in mind, we aim to produce animal feed by turning food waste into valuable proteins or to produce biogas.

We want to promote a circular economy process which is economically efficient, operationally effective and environmentally friendly but also tackle three of the most threatening challenges of our times and creating value from what our country is losing.

The solution is in nature.

Our goal is to introduce in Swiss reality new technology that already shows several successful applications abroad and that allows us to intercept the biological value of organic waste through bio-conversion by an insect (Hermetia illucens).

BSF tech allows us to transform organic waste into 3 useful components, able to generate a new industry in our country. From what it would be lost and will produce more CO2, we are able to produce new value by producing crude oil substitutes, useful proteins to be used in animal diets, and fertilizer for our crops.

Fatty and oily substances can be used in the processes of production of biogas and biodiesel. Their supply is largely derived from energy crops (sunflower, palm) with environmental impacts similar to those of protein crops.

Also, protein and oily raw materials are imported in Switzerland, a condition that has an important impact on CO2 production, due to the transport and the production.

Fossil Fuel Substitute

Livestock Impact

Livestock Impact

Livestock Impact

Livestocks require enormous quantities of
natural resources and its pollutant emissions
are higher than those of global transport. 

Since fishmeal is a nutrient-rich feed ingredient
used in the diets of farmed animals, its production
represents a significant contributor to over-fishing
issues and seawater exploitation. 

Natural Fertilizer

Fresh matter from food waste can be used to produce fertilizer, and it is a historical technique. It is a positive and efficient use of materials that will cause an increase in the values of CO2.


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