The global population is increasing. At the present growth rate, we will reach above 9 billion people by 2050. 

The best case scenario is that we won’t be able to feed a significant portion of the planet. 

Value Loss

In Switzerland, one-third of all the food demanded 

by our population is wasted every year. 

The majority when it is still edible.

For each ton of food wasted, 2700 CHF are lost. 

CO2 Emissions

Food waste also generates massive environmental
issues through unnecessary CO2 emissions.

In Switzerland, these are 23 times above the threshold
set as the per capita limit to allow our planet to survive. 

Additional damage is given by food transportation and
its disposal through incineration and biogas conversion.

Livestock Impact

Livestocks requires enormous quantities of
natural resources and its pollutant emissions
are higher than those of global transport. 

Since fishmeal is a nutrient-rich feed ingredient
used in the diets of farmed animals, its production
represents a significant contributor to over-fishing
issues and sea waters exploitation. 


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